Above all, we like to work with investors who are like us, who share our vision and our taste for innovation. This is how we have built deep relationships with our partners, and our mission is to give them the keys to investing in the US.

Our business is a crossroads between people who share the same values. Each investor enriches us with his or her story and we all see beyond the field of possibilities.

+ Investors who see further ahead

Today we invest and position our investors in areas with strong demographic growth and housing needs in order to optimize the visibility of our stock.

Average occupancy rate of our portfolio (in %)

In addition to opening the doors to a new market, we deliver on our promises by providing safe and effective returns on investment in high-potential areas.

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"Our clients come from many different backgrounds, but they all have one thing in common: they want to achieve more, much more, and they give themselves the means to achieve their life goals.
They are optimistic and take full responsibility for their choices and actions. They don't settle, nor do they resign themselves. Their strength of character inspires us every day."

Who are our investors?

Nos investisseurs sont principalement des entrepreneurs ou des salariés ayant la fibre entrepreneuriale. Des gens qui savent se dépasser dans leurs activités et au-delà et qui comprennent l’importance d’avoir des raisonnements internationaux dans une économie mondialisée.

Bien que l’investissement hors de leurs frontières soit un saut dans l’inconnu, ils n’est pas question pour eux de se fermer la porte aux opportunités dans la première économie mondiale. Ce sont des curieux, des individus intimement liés par la passion de découvrir de nouvelles choses.

Proportion of our clients who are business owners
Proportion of our clients who have sold a business
Proportion of our customers who are expatriates
Proportion of our clients with international activity

Distribution of our customers around the world (in %)

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