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We democratize and facilitate cross-border investing and help hundreds of investors enter the Florida real estate market. With our unique offering, we remove all the friction and accurately meet the needs of the international investor.

"We take great pleasure in working with people who are like us and share our values. Entrepreneurs who are constantly striving to achieve more. Anti-conformist and international in their approaches, they take control of their destiny and that of their family. "

David Amsallem, co-founder of Florida Invest

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The issues we work on

Asset diversification

Spreading the risk of your wealth via dollar real estate in the world's largest economy

Generation of Passive Income

Create new sources of income in the form of annuities or returns on real estate investments.

Constitution of Real Estate Patrimony

Facilitating the creation of an American estate to prepare for your future in complete security.

Performance Research

Provide access to a growing market that offers excellent rates of return and appreciation. 

Tax Optimization

To offer new tax solutions allowing to take advantage of an advantageous taxation and a unique tax treaty.

Preparation for Retirement

Prepare for your future by implementing customized strategies to achieve your retirement goals with peace of mind. 

Expatriation Preparation

Laying the groundwork for a life project in the US with new expertise, local network and dollar income. 

Family Protection

Prepare the future of your spouse and children by taking advantage of the best legal formats adapted to your objectives. 


Florida's strategic location in the southeast of the United States makes it a very important hub between North America, South America, the Caribbean and Europe. Its climate and high immigration from other American states and from abroad make it a particularly dynamic area with excellent opportunities.

  • Florida among the top 10 global real estate destinations

    60% of Florida residents are renters. The tax advantages of American real estate (depreciation, deductions, etc.) coupled with those of Florida make it an attractive destination for foreign and American investors. The rental demand is very high and the rental risk is extremely low due to the economic situation which favors the owners.

  • Unusual economic and demographic growth

    New business centers and corporate headquarters, hundreds of thousands of new jobs created and more than two million people moving here each year. The new face of Florida over the past 15 years has been that of a young population coming to seize new opportunities.

  • One of the lowest taxes in the United States

    Florida is one of the few states in the United States that does not tax (except for federal income tax). This major tax advantage allows it to attract many companies who wish to benefit from a more flexible tax system as well as many national and international residents and investors.

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South Florida - points of interest
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*for a rental investment of $150,000 between 2015 and 2020 in a middle market condominium in Florida

Historic performance achieved on a $150,000 apartment purchased in 2015.


Our long-standing relationship with our investors stems primarily from our security-oriented investment philosophy. Today, our discipline and investment history continue to reinforce the security aspect of our approach.

  • Safe assets first

    The market segment in which we operate is the one that accommodates a population (middle class and working) that has a real need for housing in line with its purchasing power. The assets and projects we present to our investors have record occupancy rates close to 100% and are the most impervious to market shocks.

  • A healthy and rational market segment

    We invest exclusively in areas of sustainable population and economic growth that are attracting businesses and creating new jobs at a steady pace. These areas, in particular, provide the visibility we value.

  • Drastically selected areas

    We are constantly on the lookout for emerging cycles and areas, and are in constant contact with cities and communities to be the first to know about developments. Our neighborhoods are carefully selected based on specific criteria, indicators and signals.



More than 15 years of expertise and experience sharing in an intuitive and simple guide, which we make available exclusively to our investors.


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